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Business, Government, Community
GbBIS has been providing custom mapping
solutions to a variety of businesses for 35 years.
Many divisions of the U.S. Government use
our custom mapping solutions to help
improve their operations.
From religious organizations to police and
fire departments our custom mapping
solutions help strengthen communities
throughout the U.S.
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Custom Mapping Solutions for
Every Industry
Custom Mapping Solutions for
Every Application
Many clients use our custom mapping solutions
to analyze their demographics, market
potential, competitive threats and any other
variables that impact their market areas.
GbBIS clients use our custom mapping
solutions to analyze the areas around their
current or future sites.
Our clients use our custom mapping solutions
to design and manage their franchise
territories more effectively and easily.
GbBIS clients use our custom mapping solutions to balance sales, potential and
workload throughout each territory.
Our accurate and up-to-date geographies,
demographics and mailing lists help our
clients better target the households most
likely to respond.
GbBIS clients easily manage routes, reference
territories and keep their deliveries ahead of
schedule with our custom mapping solutions.
Start with a Solid Foundation.
Every Solution Starts with
Accurate & Up-to-Date Data.
Political - Country, State, County, MSA, CBSA
Census - Census Tract, Block Group
Postal - 3 & 5 digit ZIP Codes, ZIP +1, +2, +3, +4, Carrier Routes
School Districts
Congressional Districts
Street, Highway & Transportation Detail
Street, Highway & Transportation Detail
US & State Highways
Interstates & Toll Roads
Full Street Detail
Points of Interest
Points of Interest
Golf Courses
Take Your Solution to the Next Level.
Add Your Data & Market Data.
Your Data
Your Data
Sales Data
Customer Locations
Store or Office Locations
Demographic Data
Demographic Data
Census Data
Neighborhood Segmentation
Neighborhood Demographics
Consumer Preferences
Location Data
Location Data
Business Counts
Traffic Counts
Consumer & Competitor Locations
Market Potential Data
Market Potential Data
Supply & Demand
Market Voids
Unrealized Potential
Lifestyle & Behavioral Data
Consumer Expenditure
Religious & Political Data
Risk Indices
Risk Indices
Weather Risk
Crime Risk
Our Data
To provide you with the most up-to-date
information available GbBIS works with
the highest quality data providers in the industry.
Maps that Cover the Areas You Need
Covering the entire U.S. from national down to street level, as well as 195 other countries.
US Maps
Custom Area
USA Regional
State Sectional
Metro Area
City / Town
International Maps
Custom Area
The Right Format
for Your Business
Digital Maps
PDF and AI digital maps are available for your
PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet devices.
Printed Maps
Conveniently sized printed maps capture
the coverage and detail you need.
Wall Maps
Our large wall maps are sized 2x3 to 9x12 feet.
Finishing options include: Paper, Laminated,
Mounted, Framed, Magnetic, & more.
Web Applications
Gain the benefit of a system that fuels your growth
and adapts as your business goals change and grow.
Why Choose GbBIS?
Why Choose GbBIS?
For 35 years GbBIS has been in the business of using expertise
to craft location intelligence solutions for your business. During
that time, GbBIS has delivered over 380,000 projects to clients
from the US, Canada, and Worldwide. We are the only company
that takes the time to customize our products and services for
each and every client. Locate the Possibilities.
Let us get started on your
custom mapping solution.