Delivery Management


Keep Your Deliveries on Track
GbBIS clients keep their deliveries on track with our custom mapping solutions. They use large wall maps to quickly reference
delivery zones and territories and interactive web applications to plan optimal routes and keep track of their drivers.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
GBBIS custom web applications help
you create optimal routes,
reduce expenses and keep track
of your drivers.
Mapping Solutions
Manage your deliveries more efficiently
and effectively with wall maps, map books and
digital maps.
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Know Your Delivery Zones & Territories
Know Your Delivery Zones
& Territories
Display your delivery zones and territories on large wall maps,
digital maps or web applications that can be taken on the go on
smart phones or tablets.
Plan Ideal Routes
Plan Ideal Routes
Plan ideal routes based on geographic proximity and distribution,
traffic counts, vehicle capabilities, driver specialties, street network
restrictions and specific time windows.
Reduce Operational Expenses
Reduce Operational Expenses
Eliminate unproductive miles, manage variable costs, conserve fuel and
cut carbon emissions all while meeting your delivery commitments.
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