Franchise Territory Design & Management

Franchise Territory
Design & Management

Assure Predictable Growth with Analytics
Well designed and managed territories are vital to a business's success. GbBIS offers custom web applications and
mapping solutions to help franchises compare territory performance, identify the factors contributing to a successful
territory, and easily apply this understanding to the optimization and design of new and existing territories.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
360FranTerra is a highly intuitive
web application that allows you to
design and manage
franchise territories with ease.
Mapping Solutions
Use maps to design and manage franchise territories more
efficiently. View as a wall map, map book or digital map of
any area with any level of detail and scale.
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Optimize the Creation of New Territories
Optimize the Creation of New Territories
Find the optimal number of territories a market can support and the ideal number
of locations each territory can support. Ensure you're getting the most out of each
franchisee location. Don't miss out on profits in areas you've already moved into.
Design Successful Territories
Design Successful Territories
Analyze the demographic and spatial factors surrounding your territories and
identify what's contributing to your success. Adjust existing territories accordingly
and find new territories with the same characteristics to predict successful
Seamless Collaboration
Seamless Collaboration
Optimize territories for franchisee performance and franchisor revenues. Gain
access to thousands of data parameters and implement your own in-house
databases to work in tandem with your analysis. Order custom maps and reports
when you need them or print them straight from your web app to present and
share with franchisees, investors and across departments.
Territory Profiling
Territory Profiling
With Territory Profiling, our clients can discover the optimal number of territories a
market can support, how many stores can successfully operate in one territory, and
the ideal boundaries for a profitable territory. Learn how the locations of competitors
and other retailers in relationship to the distribution of potential customers can
influence performance.
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