Location Analysis & Site Selection

Location Analysis
& Site Selection

Forecast the Success of New Sites
GbBIS offers custom web applications and mapping solutions that allow you to conduct in-depth location analysis and make
better site selection decisions. Gain key insights about businesses and people surrounding current or potential locations. With
thousands of variables to choose from, covering every corner of the country, we put all the knowledge you need to successfully
grow your company at your fingertips.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
Use 2020iSite, a comprehensive,
small-business to enterprise level web
application, to enhance location
analysis & site selection.
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Mapping Solutions
Get the data you need to make better site selection
decisions overlaid on wall maps, digital maps or map
books of any area with any level of detail and scale.
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Learn the Formula for Successful Locations
Learn the Formula
for Successful Locations
Gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics that contribute to the success of
your current locations and find new areas with those same characteristics. Conduct
spatial analysis and analyze the important relationships between the data relevant to
you and the spatial influences that affect your business including drive time, traffic
counts and proximity to competitors and customers.
Find the Most Profitable Location for Your Business
Find the Most Profitable Location for
Your Business
Look at the demographic data and competitive landscape surrounding potential
locations. Conduct void analysis and find areas where there is a space in the
market for your business. Highlight areas with a demand for your product or
service to help you find the best areas for your new location.
Identify Target Customers
Identify Target Customers
Discover which of your customer segments are contributing to most of your profits
and learn more about them. Zero in on areas with high concentrations of these
target customers to define your search for new sites.
Site Profiling
Site Profiling
Identify key components in the site selection process based on the past
performance of your sites and the sales landscape of your market area. Analyze
customer demographics, geographic proximity/distribution, the influences of
competitors and other retail locations, and, traffic and navigation. Site profiling
is extremely effective for evaluating site performance, adding new sites within a
territory and rolling out new regional expansion.
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