Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Gain Insight into New and Current Markets

GbBIS offers custom web applications and mapping solutions to help you discover demand for your products and
services in new markets. Find unfulfilled potential in existing markets and maximize revenue. Gain key insights about
businesses and people surrounding current or potential locations. Learn the demographic factors that support your
successful locations and use them to start strategic planning for new sites.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
MarketMentor, our market analysis
& optimization application, helps
you rank & prioritize markets
so you choose the best
area for growth.
Mapping Solutions
Get the market research data you need overlaid on
wall maps, digital maps or map books of any area
with any level of detail and scale.
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Find the Best Markets
Find the Best Markets for Growth
Run a void analysis on any area in the US by any level of geography for any
product or service category. The results will show you the market saturation and
the unrealized sales potential for your product or service in that market. Easily
compare and rank markets streamlining your decision process. Gain the insight you
need to assure predictable growth in new markets.
Detailed Market Analysis
Detailed Market Analysis
View spatial influences that affect your market like transportation, proximity to
competitors, customers and stores at the click of a button. Compare performance
across markets and identify the underlying factors that make your most successful
locations stand out.
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Once you've established factors that support the success of your current locations
you can use them to search for new areas with the same characteristics. Combine
that with the ability to view markets with unsatisfied potential for your product or
service and you'll be able to assure successful expansion.
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