Sales Territory Design & Management

Sales Territory
Design & Management

Design & Manage Territories with Ease
GbBIS clients increase productivity and maximize every opportunity with our custom mapping solutions for Sales Territory
Design & Management. Use our interactive web applications or custom mapping solutions to balance sales, potential and
workload throughout each territory.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
GBBIS custom web applications allow
you to design and manage sales
territories with ease.
Mapping Solutions
Use maps to design and manage sales territories
more efficiently. View as a wall map, map book or
digital map of any area - national to local.
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Cut Down on Conflict
Cut Down on Conflict
Displaying your sales territories on a wall map - national, regional
or local - helps eliminate confusion and cut down on conflict over
sales opportunities.
Balance Sales Opportunities and Workload
Balance Sales Opportunities
and Workload
Increase your sales reps productivity with balanced territories. Design them
based on workload, sales or even market potential.
Travel Efficient Territories
Travel Efficient Territories
Make sure your sales reps are spending less time travelling between
customers and more time generating new business. Design your territories
using drive time data to ensure they are travel efficient.
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