GbBIS, a division of Intelligent Direct Inc., is a leading provider of geography-based information solutions, providing companies with the tools
they need to find success. Whether they need help defining sales territories, planning delivery routes, profiling customers, finding new customers,
identifying new markets, GeoCoding locations, or with any number of business solutions, GbBIS has constantly met the needs of its clients on a
regular basis.
Our Mission is to
  • Provide solutions to companies, large and small, that fit the client's needs and budget
  • Customize our solutions so that each client can take advantage of our data, reports, maps, and services in the format that best suits
    their image and requirements.
  • Develop long-term relationships with our clients in order to establish the tradition of meeting their needs on a regular basis
GbBIS has 30 years of experience implementing Geography-based Business Information Solutions, offering a variety of mapping software
products, mapping databases, innovative project consulting, and customized GIS data. During that time, GbBIS has delivered over 100,000
projects to clients from the US, Canada, and Worldwide. Today, GbBIS maintains a relationship with nearly 100% of the FORTUNE 500 Companies.
Call: 1-877-447-6277
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